Thursday, June 18, 2015

New and Improved

Back in 2004 three hurricanes brought a LOT of water to southeast Georgia in quick succession and, as a result, Sandhill was left with a very leaky roof.  I took that opportunity to give her a facelift.  Once it was all done, she was still the same girl, just wearing a new dress.  That's what the completely redesigned Kathy A. Bradley is like.  Most of what was on the old website is still there, but the visual presentation is brighter and more interesting.  And there are some new things.

For a number of years I've posted my newspaper columns here at Dispatches From Sandhill.  It finally occurred to me that it made much more sense to combine Dispatches From Sandhill with the website, so that is where you'll find the columns from now on.  Dispatches From Sandhill will still be right here, but there will be no new posts after June 30.  

Please take a look at the Community page on the website and, if you like, subscribe to the new quarterly newsletter, The Museflash.  That's just one more way to keep in touch and share stories.  

The Community page also includes an email link.  Use it to inquire about appearances at your civic group, book club, church, or other event.  And let me know what you're thinking -- about the website or anything else.

I love talking to people about books and writing and finding magic in the world and I want the website to be a place to do that with the people who have embraced me and my words, a place where there is a lot of  "I feel the same way" and "I know exactly what you mean." I hope you'll join the conversation.  

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